Improving Lives In Our Community

Family Psychological

Our Programs

Family Psychological Associates provides mental health services and treatment for children and adolescents; including pre-school age, young adult, geriatric and their families.  Family Psychological Associates, a fully licensed outpatient psychiatric clinic, and Kids Count Inc. joined forces to become a premier behavioral health care company offering a wide range of services.  Today, we employ over 200 clinical and administrative staff and continue to grow in the areas of behavioral health care and innovative therapeutic programs.

Our treatment goals focus on:

- self-reliance and growth

- recovery and inclusion in the community

- access to appropriate services and supports

- a quality of life that includes family and friends

Kids Count Family Psychological believes that behavioral health treatment is an ongoing process of changing ideas where choices and hope are offered through support, encouragement and empowerment.

We specialize in treating our clients and families very personally and will work within your scheduling needs and requirements to best serve you and your family.  We have found that the best outcomes occur when you participate as fully as possible in the services and programs that we offer.  As you grow, we will adjust your treatment and our services accordingly, to provide the highest quality support and service possible to you and your family.