Our Programs

Vision Statement

The philosophy of KC1, Inc. is to ensure each child and his/her family received treatment that provides a strong foundation of community resources, development of independences, responsibility, to promote a trauma-sensitive community and build resilience, aimed at reducing the effect of trauma on the individual, family, and community and foster healing.  It teaches respect of oneself and others by providing a culturally competent, therapeutic environment that meets the individualized needs of each child within a safe, nurturing atmosphere, in partnership with staff, families and the community.  KC1, Inc. staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality in therapeutic mental health services to improve the lives of children and their families.

Mission Statement

KC1, Inc. is dedicated to providing children and families of Butler and surrounding counties with the opportunity for a better tomorrow by providing the highest quality of services possible by means of a comprehensive community based residential treatment program. Our program is child-centered, family focused, trauma informed and designed to assist families build healthy relationships while meeting the child’s mental health needs and providing support.


The purpose of KC1, Inc. is to provide a service delivery model based on the C.A.S.S.P. principles, to children and their families, which is comprehensive and locally based.  The model provides highly individualized services to the child and family while ensuring continuity of care, as the same multidisciplinary team is assigned to them throughout treatment.  There is a treatment plan that is developed around the strengths and needs of each individual child.  The treatment plan consists of, but is not limited to the following four areas:

·      Healthy Family Relationships

·      Productive Community Involvement

·      Trauma Informed Care

·      Meaningful Work and Educational Skills

·      Leisure and Recreational Activities

Using the strengths of the individual and family, the multidisciplinary team will assist the family through all aspects of the treatment process, ensuring collaboration with all child-serving systems involved in the child’s life.


KC1, Inc. primary goal is to intervene early, providing intensive therapy, as well as trauma informed care, at a cost-effective approach toward preserving the family, by having the child remain connected with his or her family while completing the recovery process.