Our Programs

Residential Treatment

Family Psychological Associates operates a residential treatment facility for children and adolescents who will benefit from therapeutic out-of-home placements.  The residences are located in the community of Butler to offer a warm, home-like setting with easy access to the community's resources. 

The average length of stay in our program is six months. Families are encouraged to frequently visit and call their children through our open door policy. Therapeutic day and weekend leaves are available so that you and your child can practice the skills that are necessary to have your child return home successfully.  

Our program has been recognized for excellence in providing optimum care in Residential Treatment due to our 
Intense Family Therapy and Aftercare components, which are unique to Kids Count Family Psychological's program.

We encourage the family to participate in the following support programs that we offer our resident families:

Family Therapy

Couple's Therapy

Individual Therapy

Family Activities

Parent Group Sessions

Therapeutic Day and Weekend Visits

Crisis Intervention Services are available 24-hours a day during therapeutic visits.