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Peer Support

The Peer Support program is a specialized service for individuals who are in recovery from substance abuse and/or mental health.  It is conducted by self-identified current or former clients of behavioral health services who have completed peer counseling and are certified to offer support and assistance to others in their recovery and community-integration process. 

The goals of this program are to provide a peer as a model for recovery, encourage the goal of recovery throughout the treatment process, and empower the client toward recovery oriented goals.

Peer Support Services are available to anyone who has received behavioral support who would benefit from a partnership on their path to recovery and wellness.  You may be referred to this program by clinicians in the outpatient clinic, a case manager, or a physician. You will be contacted after the referral to set-up an initial appointment for evaluation.

The Certified Peer Specialist works one-on-one with you to develop and implement an individualized recovery action plan.  Additionally, you will be shown networks of community resources which also provide assistance with recovery and community integration.  The client and Peer Specialist share the lived experience of Behavioral and Mental Health Services which make Peer Support Services both unique and beneficial to the client.

Clients must have a mental health diagnosis and be age 18 or over.