Licensed Staff Psychiatrist

Location:   All locations

Description of Position :

​Family Psychological Associates is looking for a full or part time staff psychiatrist that will enhance client care in our clinics. 

A Staff Psychiatrist is a licensed physician in the state of Pennsylvania who is skilled at diagnosing and managing common and complex psychiatric disorders.

A Staff Psychiatrist duties will consist of:

- Interview and review prior medical records or psychological testing data in order to prescribe the best course of treatment.
- Order medical and laboratory testing to confirm diagnoses and assist with treatment planning.
- Coordinate medical care with the patient’s primary care physician.
- Prescribe psychiatric medications to assist in the treatment of psychiatric disorders, and follow-up with on-going medication management appointments to prescribe adjustments to medications as necessary. 
- Limits his or her care to behavioral health concerns and does not take the place of the primary care physician.   
- Diagnose, treat, evaluate and manage acute and chronic mental illnesses.
- Obtain relevant medical and social histories and conduct physical examinations.
- Prescribe medications for acute and chronic illnesses within the purview of all state and federal laws and regulations.
- Schedule regular follow-up appointments with patients to monitor medication effectiveness and make necessary adjustments to the medications.
- Keep timely, accurate and legible records for client files and approve and sign-off on therapeutic treatment plans and diagnoses

Minimum requirements:

A.  Medical Degree (M.D. or D.O.)

B.   Successful completion of an approved residency program

C.   Licensed as a Psychiatrist

D.  Act 33 and Act 34 clearances and FBI fingerprint Clearance

Competitive salary, excellent benefits, including paid vacation and holidays, excellent health care including medical insurance, dental, and vision coverage.    

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